WHO – What Is It?

WHO is an agency of the United Nations created by the United Nations, whose main goal is to prepare the world for global disease control. The WHO has been involved in planning and coordinating research for over 35 years. The WHO is also responsible for creating guidelines and standards of medical care for all members of the organization. The WHO is non-profit and works to protect the world’s health through research. It strives to strengthen global preventive health programs and to expand access to quality health services and development.


WHO is an international center for risk assessment that integrates all the aspects of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries. The WHO develops these tools and provides support for the development of effective public health policies and services. WHO is headed by a senior immunologist, Dr. Mary T. Woolfrey, who is Director of Clinical Services for Global Health. She is also a professor at the School of Public Health in the University of Colorado.

WHO is very pro-science and it strongly oppose anti-science. For example, in its early days, WHO thought it was a waste of time to focus on prevention of disease, while it focused its efforts on curbing epidemics. This led to the development of focused infection control, which is what it offers today. WHO is careful not to get caught up in politics and to remain neutral in situations where there are political conflicts. For example, WHO has an office in Cuba because of the political situation there.

WHO operates through coalitions of countries. These countries are chosen to participate in the program based on their capacity to fight. For example, a country that is considered low in economic growth can be a member of the alliance to combat disease. There are also regional offices in New Delhi, Manila, Bangkok, Beijing and Tokyo. Each has a mission in one part of the world. An epidemiological study is done in every member country.

WHO was formed by the United Nations. The founding members were the United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Canada, Japan, France, Russia, Australia and Sweden. The organization now has hundreds of staff and is funded by the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Wildlife Fund and by the United Nations Development Program. There is also a secretariat for field support. The secretariat is headed by Dr Sir John Pritchard.

WHO is part of the Global Health System initiative, which is managed by the WHO headquarters in Geneva. WHO is part of the World Health Organization. It is one of the agencies of the United Nations that coordinates the effort of all the agencies in order to provide coordinated services. WHO is entrusted with the delivery of quality health services in rural and developing areas through the implementation of policies and programs. It aims at the triumph of universal health coverage and strives to strengthen the basic infrastructure of the health system through research and technical co-ordination.

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