What Will it Take For Worldwide Support to Stop Nuclear proliferation?


What Will it Take For Worldwide Support to Stop Nuclear proliferation?

Richard Bach has been writing books about all aspects of life and has made himself an excellent writer. If something occurs around the globe, it occurs or exists somewhere around the globe. Most of what he writes about, he’s written about in both languages, English and Spanish. His books have actually sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

The United States has been trying to hold back the citizens of United States from protests against their government for the last several years. Recently there was an uprising in the streets of the California city of San Francisco against the federal government’s plans to build a wall along the Mexico border. The citizens of that nation took to the streets in violent rebellion against this latest move by their government. This is not the first protest against a California project to build a wall along the Mexico border. There were numerous environmental concerns about the dam project in the mid 1990’s that went unheeded by Congress and the Bush administration. Luckily, California did build the dam, and it has turned out pretty good.

In Brazil, similar demonstrations are being held against the upcoming World Cup soccer games being held in Brazil. The citizens of Brazil are upset because they do not see the economic advantage that the World Cup will bring to their country. There have also been concerns over the amount of crime that is going to be associated with the World Cup and the price of Brazilian beans is very high right now. This whole thing is really getting out of hand and citizens are taking to the streets in huge numbers to express their anger.

There was a huge demonstration in China a few weeks ago against the Chinese leadership. The citizens of China did not like the way their country was run. Their leaders were not talking to the masses and instead gave propaganda speeches to their heads. They did not listen to the public and did not address the demands of the people. There were massive demonstrations outside of the government buildings in Beijing and everywhere else in China. It looks as if the citizens of China are now starting to realize that their leaders are not doing what they are supposed to do.

A similar situation is playing out in the Middle East. The leadership of some of the more corrupt nations are not talking to the masses. And there is no clear explanation as to why. Many are wondering if they will cave into the United States and start trading oil for gold. This could cause major problems in the future and lead to war with Iran and other nations.

One of the reasons that the United States of America is worried about the citizens of the world is because of the increasing amounts of weaponry that are being used against each other. This has caused much death and destruction. Things only got worse when Al Qaeda carried out a terrorist attack in the United States of America on our consulate in the city of consulate in the United Kingdom. It is time for the citizens of the world to stand up for their rights and do what is necessary to defend the innocent citizens of other nations that live in fear. Every nation, group or terrorist should be monitored and every person should do their duty to stop these attacks from happening. Without going too far we can only say that we have to protect the United States of America from terrorism.

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