The Lack of Focus of Current News Media


The Lack of Focus of Current News Media

It has been a long time since I have seen such positive upbeat coverage of the stock market as we have seen recently. But, even with all the good that the media has done for us, the bad news is that the stock market has dropped by about twenty percent in the past year. This drop came in December and not in January. So, what is going on? Why has the stock market dropped so far in such a short period of time?

Well, the stock market and the news media are both victim of the same problem. The decline was created by many factors, including the fact that there was no fundamental economic reason that would cause this great fall. In fact, the slowing economy in China, which was the purported culprit for the downfall, actually helped create the problem. There were too many people spending money that they did not have, and they did not have it in the form of savings accounts, either. The banks needed to lend money to these people, and that is why the Chinese stock market fell.

Other countries, including Mexico, also had a major influence on the economy. Many people believe that the Mexican government manipulated the price of their currency in order to make their products cheaper to sell. There were rumors of Mexican drug manufacturers having secret deals with drug lords to sell them large quantities of drugs at artificially low prices. There were many speculations, some true, some false, and some just plain ridiculous. It is not uncommon for some silly news story to make the front page of every newspaper and become viral, spreading across the internet before getting corrected or taken out of the news.

These things happen because the newspapers and the news networks do not perform the proper amount of research prior to publishing an article. If someone wants to make any money from something, they need to be able to tell a good story, and this is not always possible if you are relying on traditional journalism for your information. Even the most popular radio shows and television shows are not nearly as well researched as traditional media outlets.

Traditional news media outlets also limit their audience by their focus on the important stories of the day. There is very little room for unique or interesting stories, because the news media is simply covering what is expected. In the early days of the newspaper, publishers were forced to rely on advertising revenue to pay for newspaper. With the advent of the Internet, the news media has had to change, and in particular become more dependent on Internet users for their content. There has been much less focus on local and regional news, and this is causing issues in the fact that many local readers do not feel that they are getting a fair shake from the newspaper.

Perhaps the biggest problem with local news in the print media is the control that editors have over what is published. Newspapers all have their own printing specifications that they follow, and their own rules and regulations that they operate by. This often results in an editorial bias towards the interests of the actual publishing house. When it comes to Internet business models, most newspapers simply refuse to deal with blogs and other websites that rely on user-driven content. Most readers feel that the newspaper editors have an agenda that is designed to benefit their own publishing, and they generally do not react favorably to that type of news media.

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