Keeping You Informed On World News


Keeping You Informed On World News

Worldwide, the victims of this act are now faced with different problems, including emotional trauma and mental health problems. It seems that this act has crossed borders and touched the hearts of the whole world. The news of the tragedy brought global attention to the incident. Many people expressed their grief and sorrow over the incident and this act has caused many to lose hope for a stable and secure future.

The disaster was caused by a rogue nation-sponsored terrorist group called Al Qaeda which is believed to have cells everywhere in the world. These cells were not capable of carrying out the attack on America and they failed to do so for lack of planning. They seem to have been confused over their objectives and targets and did not have any specific plan. Their chief objective was to spread panic and chaos all over the world. This is exactly what they did through the media, television and the internet.

In order to stop the Worldwide appeal of Al Qaeda, it is obvious that we must take a more serious approach to dealing with the internal issues of Pakistan. For too long, the government has been weak and has not been able to put a check on the activities of terrorists and criminals in their country. Lack of investment in the security sector and a weak economy have contributed to the security crisis in Pakistan. Unless the government can find quick solutions for these issues, it is only a question of time before terrorist organizations take full control over the Pakistani soil.

Only by dealing with the current issues of insecurity in Pakistan will the government be able to control the flow of information that goes across the border. Once again, the blame game and threats from both sides must be avoided. If there was an attempt to carry out a terrorist attack inside Pakistan, it would definitely be caught by the various international agencies that are working on the Worldwide problem. If there was an international attack on US soil, there will be a coordinated response from the various agencies of the US. Once the terrorists are eliminated or captured, all intelligence gathering will stop immediately.

We cannot expect a situation where no one can find out about the infiltration of radicals into Pakistan. The porousness of the borders allow the terrorists to move in and out of the country with ease. The Pakistani authorities should find a way to close all the porous fences that have become a major security problem in the country. Until such time, the Worldwide problem will remain unresolved.

Are you fed up of hearing news about worldwide problems? Are you ready for a new solution for all the security issues that have been plaguing Pakistan? Get your copy of the “UN Dispatch” and read it daily. This is the best way to keep you informed about world events as they happen. It is your duty to be aware of what is going on.

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